Second Life is a long-term commitment for the stewardship of the Second Presbyterian Church physical building and campus, providing both present day and future facilities for all who attend our church and many other worthy organizations who also use our physical space.


Our facility allows Second Presbyterian Church to provide outreach for our congregation and community through the use of our physical buildings and campus on a daily and weekly basis by many worthwhile organizations.  Just a few are highlighted in the videos.



Our goal is to raise $750,000 to be collected over the 3-year campaign period of January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021.

 •    For those wondering “how much should we give?”, it is suggested that we should have a goal of 4% of a giving family’s annual income each of the 3 years, but everyone is encouraged to give as they are able.
•    Funds raised will pay interest and principal on 2PC’s building loan with Truxton Trust, which has a $1.72M remaining loan balance as of 3/1/18, a 4.0% fixed rate and a 12/31/27 maturity date.
•    Monthly interest is approximately $5,000
•    Quarterly principal payments are $43,100
•    Anticipated principal + interest totals are roughly $677,000 over the 2019-21 three-year period


Key Second Life V Campaign Dates

       Kickoff Sunday: April 8, 2018
       Commitment Sunday: May 13, 2018
       Celebration Sunday: May 20, 2018


Campaign History and why we have this campaign.

•    Our previous church structure burned in 2003
•    The congregation reoccupied the re-built structure in 2006
•    The replacement structure, which we now occupy, cost $5.6 million to build
•    Session decided to fund the difference between insurance proceeds and the newly rebuilt campus by obtaining a mortgage loan
•    Payments on the loan (principal plus interest) have been raised via separate, three-year capital campaigns since initiation.  Loan maturity is scheduled on 12/31/27


To give online to Second Presbyterian, click here.