The Second Listening Campaign kicked off on September 16 with a commissioning service for the listeners. A Listening Campaign is a series of one-on-one conversation between members of an organization to surface interests and values people care deeply about that merit action by the organization. The act of listening to our membership is deeply spiritual. A Listening Campaign can serve to build new and deepen relationships between members of the congregation, equip the church for such a time as this, and identify issues members feel Second needs to address and work on. If you would like to be interviewed as part of this listening campaign, please email or call Aaron Stauffer, 620-228-2674 or

Adult Education for October 14, 28 and November 11: Gospel of John (Activity Center). Phil Orr and Nolan Huizenga will lead a discussion on the Gospel of John. We will highlight some of the unique features of the fourth gospel compared with the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke), the various responses that Jesus elicits, and the Christology and theology that the Gospel of John proclaims. While we’ll discuss some current scholarship, class participants will engage the text and each other to more deeply consider who Jesus is and what he means for our individual and communal lives as Christians in the modern world.