The adult education committee helps facilitate offerings of Sunday School classes and Christian Education to help people explore, deepen and develop faith and understanding of the teachings of Christ.  The purpose of our offerings is to encourage and support one another in sharing, questioning, and helping bring about opportunities for communion in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

Lectionary Bible Study 

From September - May, the Sunday Lectionary Scriptures are the focus of this class that welcomes all who desire to dig deeper into the Bible, whether you are turning the pages for the first time or read it often.  Bibles are provided, or bring your own as we seek to hear the Word of God together – speaking through its historical context, and for us today.  Class meets in the Session Room on the 2nd floor of the Christian Education wing at 9:30 am.

Additional Offerings

Adult Education Groups meet September - May at 9:30 a.m.

Adult Education: Celebrating the Masculine in Children in a Me-Too Culture: This class will be held over four consecutive Sundays in the fall beginning September 16th. The focus is not just on raising boys, but it is on understanding and appreciating the masculine archetype and the masculine in each of us. The first class topic will be on masculine development. The second class will address competition and managing emotions. The third class will focus on helping adolescents understand their sexual impulses, how to celebrate them and how to contain them. The fourth and final class will focus on the importance of adventure and risk-taking in developing personal identities. Everyone is welcome. We are especially interested in intergenerational conversations in this class. We are also interested in hearing from women about how males can share their interest in engaging their passion without being offensive.

Check back for more of our fall Adult Education schedule.

Small Groups

For those interested in an opportunity to connect with church members socially outside of church Small Groups can be a great option. Click here to learn more.